Camila’s class has inspired a new love for Spanish

“Learning Spanish supports my work as a College and Career Counselor for teen residents who live with Boulder Housing Partners. In my work with Spanish-speaking families, I have been able to communicate more clearly with parents, have a better understanding of their needs and interests, and have become more open and trusted as a service provider and community member.

“I entered Camila’s class with a moderate understanding of the Spanish language, from having traditional Spanish classes in middle school and exploratory Spanish language lessons during my travels to Cuba and Central America. Camila’s teaching style has clarified and reinforced the roles and uses of the various tenses. I can say less and have more direct meaning, in addition to being clearer with my sentence structure and having a more developed vocabulary.

“Camila’s class has inspired a new love for the Spanish language – and I feel much more confident speaking and listening to others. Camila creates a space where I can learn vocabulary for my work, and we engage in interesting conversations about our community…and the world.”

Annie Beall, AmeriCorps Volunteer, Boulder Housing Partners and “I Have a Dream” Foundation

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