I owe it to Camila for being so passionate about what she does

“I have come a long way in only two months of classes with Camila. The way that she teaches has you speaking in sentences immediately. The lessons, along with the homework she assigns, make studying and learning the language very successful.

“I also love learning Spanish in her home instead of in a classroom with a lot of people. It’s more personal with one-on-one communication among a smaller group of other students, and less intimidating than a classroom setting. My family and friends are noticing the rapid rate at which I’m learning Spanish – they’re amazed.

“I recently had my first interaction with a Hispanic tenant: the father didn’t speak English and I had to explain to him that I needed to change the combo of the entry door to the apartments – and that we do this every six months for security reasons.

“Normally, I would have a bilingual case manager translate. But this time, I referred to what I had already learned in Spanish class and thought of the main words that would get my message across. Of course, I didn’t speak perfectly and I missed some words – but I had gained the confidence to communicate with the tenant which, in the end, was a successful exchange.

“Learning a new language is very difficult, but it’s just as difficult to work up the confidence to initiate a conversation. This is a huge step for me, and I owe it to Camila for being so passionate about what she does.”

Caleb Milne
Maintenance Supervisor
Emergency Family Assistance Association (EFAA)

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