Camila’s Method

My method is directed toward adult learning with the goal of acquiring comfortable language proficiency.

Camila Peterson teaching a class
Camila Peterson teaching a class

The method I use simulates an immersion type of experience. You will learn Spanish as if you were living in a native Spanish speaking land and had to speak to survive.

As a native of Paraguay I naturally learned its indigenous language GuaranÍ.  I can teach that as well as Spanish.

I have developed my own textbook and supplemental CD or flash drive. My system is simple, practical and unique. The method I use is based on an audio-lingual technique (listen — then speak), integrated with rich conversation. After 40 hours of classes students can easily begin to speak and understand in everyday interactions.

Because the format of my class is very interactive, students with no prior knowledge of the language begin speaking Spanish from the moment they enter the class.

The number of students is limited to 3 to 6 per class. With this small class size, each student has more opportunity to speak.

It doesn’t matter whether you have ever studied a language before, or you have studied a long time ago, in this class you will be able to communicate comfortably with a native Spanish speaker.