Beginner, intermediate and advanced classes are offered with the goal of speaking confidently at each level.

Classes meet twice a week for 2 hour sessions over 10 weeks. Morning, afternoon and evening classes are available Monday through Thursday.

Learning Spanish in Calia's classes is fun
Learning Spanish in Calia’s classes is fun

Intensive classes are also available in the summer: 4 hours per day, Monday through Friday, for 5 weeks.

New students may observe a class at no charge to make a decision.

If you miss a class, you have two weeks to make it up in a class of similar level.

Where: Boulder, Colorado

Cost per student: $25 per hour *

* 20% reduction for non-profit organizations

Includes a textbook (specific to each level) with a CD or flash drive for practice at home.

Register as soon as possible to reserve your space. Classes fill up quickly.

Consulting:  Camila provides expert advice on the use of Spanish or Guarani at an hourly rate.